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Gianluca Perdicaro

I meet the music at the age of 8 years, through the study of the piano, and I become a singer-composer-author since the age of 12 years, to get then finally to perfect myself in vocal techniques with Maestro Thomas Monaco, which I will never cease to thank for his great passion, technical knowledge and dedication.

In my years of study I faced many different musical genres, from pop: with the producer Giosy Capuano, soul-gospel-blues: in years of choir with the famous SAT&B Italian Choir directed by Maria Grazia Fontana; up to jazz music with one of the most appreciated italian jazz singer: Cinzia Spata.

I finally land at rock music, in its broadest sense, studying for several years the number of vocal techniques and performance techniques that are in it, deepening this style then through a personal artistic research, supported by numerous learning experiences both in Italy and abroad.

The profound change in the music business and my passion for entrepreneurship in all its forms, lead me to take professional studies also in the field of music business and management, as well as in arranging, song writing and music production.

To live concerts and composition is added over time a growing passion for the profession of the vocalist, both in the recording studio and in television programs. As soon as overage I have the pleasure to start my professional career as a vocalist in RAI (main italian national TV), which will bring me so much satisfaction over the years.

Then, after about 15 years of television, I decided to approach the Theater which was always a great passion of mine, and I am pleased to take my career in Musical starting with a great show, Notre Dame de Paris, written by Riccardo Cocciante, in which I cover the role of Gringoire.

Intense has always been my activity as a teacher, both in one to one lessons and master classes, as a professional vocal coach and music consultant, activity that is going on since almost 20 years both in Italy and abroad.

In Italy I taught for years at major music schools like Percentomusica and Saint Louis Music Center, then since the 2007 I teach only in the school of music that I founded (Roma Contemporary Music College and Roma Rock School) or privately.

In 2011, as their personal vocal coach, I was called from the three young tenors of IL VOLO, for their World Tour 2011, and I followed them in their tour all around the States and in Europe.

Since about ten years I am also a cultural (and not only) entrepreneur, combining the musical activity with the entrepreneurship, I also deal with business across national borders, as a StartUp founder and CEO both in Europe and in the States.

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