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KARMA J RELOADED Italian originals pop rock songs

Karma J is a Pop-Rock band which started in 2001. The first demo, which contains three melodic hard-rock songs (Chi sei, Penso che…, Devono ascoltare anche me), was released in 2002. The famous italian music magazine “Chitarre” wrote a positive review about the band and its songs, so Karma J won the National music contest “Emergenza Chitarre” and “Chi sei” was included in a National music compilation distributed in the whole Country. The same song is part of “Samigo top 100”, promoted by Samigo Records in 2004, and “Chi sei” is also played on “Radio 1”. From 2001 to 2003 the band has played on several stages, playing in music contests in Ferrara, Padova, Asti and Rome, where a short video of “Chi sei” was shot. It also contains a short band’s interview. In 2003 the band’s line up was modified and Karma J began to product the first LP (Chi sei?). The albun was released in 2005, accompained by a positive review by the magazines IL GAZZETTINO and LA NUOVA VENEZIA. In 2005 the band has a great opportunity, playing as a guest band on the AREZZO WAVE main stage. From 2005 to 2008, the band has evolved through many changes, both in the lineup and in the sound and, on a deeper level, in the way of “making music”.

In 2008 the band started to work with Marco Berton, producer-arranger who gave the best impetus for starting a new album. The LP was accomplished at the beginning of 2009 and it’s ready to be released in the digital music market. It’s a new release that will reveal the new musical identity of Karma J . In 2009 (May to December), new doors opened for the band, who were chosen for a production of “VICIO” (Luca Vicini), the bass player from SUBSONICA. They instantly clicked, and soon composed an EP full of ideas, that was sort of an electronic trip. In 2010, they released their disc produced by Marco Berton, “Libera nell’aria,” which had a wide digital distribution: Itunes… etc, which precedes the release of the entire disc, 11 tracks of electronic pop-rock with influences ranging from dub to rock, passing through electronic, where the band by now has consolidated its hold. In 2010, they went back into the studio to finish the track of the EP, “Trip,” with Vicio, and in the meantime, new collaborations were born with Freak Antoni, leader of the first Italian demential band, the “SKIANTOS.” Karma J arranged “Dove sei stata” with the text of FRANK ANTONI and music of ALESSANDRA MOSTACCI ( a classical concertist from Bologna) and then Alessandra and Freak put music to a poem of Matt’s (the voice of Karma J), presented in San Remo 2010, sung by Sofia Buconi from X Factor 4, called “E’ gia’ ieri.” In 2011, the band’s song “Nuvole” was chosen by Mario Riso of Rock TV for the finals of the Heineken Jammin’ Festival 2011, and after recording a clip of “Nuvole” performed completely live and broadcast on SKY ROCK TV, the band placed in the top 15 winners of the contest. Karma J played on 9 June among an international cast including ColdPlay, Echo & The Bunnymen, Beady Eye…Cremonini. In 2012, the band played for the Italian music festival in Casanremo, and their cover of “La Cura” by Franco Battiato went viral on the commercial radio stations in the North-East, followed by “Nuvole” written by Matt, whose Video was released in May 2012. Watch the single from “Libera nell’aria” In 2011-2013, the band publicized its disc and signed an editorial contract with the commercial radio station “Nord Est,” who promotes the band on the radio (Bella e monella, marilu’, peter pan, gelosa). In this way, Karma J was busy during 2012 promoting their disc “Libera nell’aria” on stages including “CASA SANREMO” during the “Festival Di Sanremo 2012” followed by “Erica Mou” and in Padova in July as part of the “FESTIVAL SHOW 2012” sponsored by the “Radio del Nord Est” in Prato della Valle for an estimated 30’000 spectators. In the summer of 2012, the band became part of the cast of the HOME FESTIVAL in Treviso, the biggest free festival in Italy, appearing with bands including SubSonica, Teatro degli orrori, Africa United, AfterHours, Roy Pacy… In early 2013 Karma J accepted an invitation to appear as guests in the finals of ROCK TARGATO ITALIA, performing in a short “show case” in the Padova area on 19 aprile. Over the years, the band continues to record songs with Luca Vicini, in charge of the artistic production, who will determine the new face of the band that still is finishing the new album which has had a small preview internationally but never in Italy. As matter of fact, at the end of September, earliest of October, 2013, despite the mother tongue of Karma J is Italian, the band was contacted by an agent to participate in the “Liuzhou International Water Festival” in China, where the audience rewarded, with a stream of attendance, the live band that received about 30,000 spectators in 5 live. On the occasion are shot between Shanghai and Liuzhou some videos of the new songs.

Karma J moved to Holland (Amsterdam) working hardly in studio on new songs and ideas

Official Video Clips

Karma J Live China TOUR

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