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In 2005, GUSHI & RAFFUNK started their own project producing original music for “Amnesia Ibiza Chillout Sessions” and “Fashion TV” compilations. Ever since, they found the chemistry to compose original tracks which eventually would become their rst album “Eyes”. Their latest productions record the releases of “Eyes”, “Travel EP”, “Sound Of You – The Remixes EP”, “Re ection”, “Deep House Flavours” and “Soundtracks” – all works having been released by international labels and with something in common: tell their sensibility towards life itself. So far now, they have collaborated with talented artists who have co-produced, played, remixed and compiled their productions, naming DJ Jondal (Germany), Raphael Marionneau (Germany), Enrico Regini Riccicomoto (Germany-Ibiza), Elio Riso (Argentina-Ibiza), Alexandra Hampton (USA), Antonio Della Marina (Italy), Tim Angrave (UK-Ibiza), Giorgio Ioan (Italy), Nacho Ferrer (Spain), Johannes Huppertz (Germany).

During 2015 they collaborate with Radio Montecarlo (France – Italy) as Music Designers.


  • –  Pete Tong (BBC RADIO 1 –The Essential Selection Mix) supported “To Be or not To Be”
  • –  Roger Sanchez (Release Yourself) supported “Be Mine”
  • –  Tiësto (Classics @ Radio 538 Club Life 104) supported “To Be or not To Be”
  • –  Carl Cox (Mix Mag UK) supported “Ego vs Ego”
  • –  Groove Armada (DJ sets @Space Ibiza ) supported “To Be or not To Be”
  • –  Julian Lennon (Pick of the Week on Below Zero Beats Radio) supported “End Of The Day”
  • –  Chiambretti ore 10 (RAI Radio 2)
  • –  Casafonda Radio London (Music Designers)
  • –  Radio Montecarlo Buddha Bar Web Radio (Music Designers)

Their repertoire at Live Performances offers original tracks combined with revisited versions arranged by Gushi & Raffunk in downtempo-chill, midtempo and deep house style. Their exhibitions are adaptable to multiple situations such as live shows, fashion events, product launches, private parties, receptions, chilling spaces and every other situation where style and pro ciency are required. They’re ideal for fresh, intimate and comfortable ambiances.
Their Live DJ Set is mainly based on Midtempo and Deep House atmospheres combined with live vocal intervention, also adaptable to a more up-tempo club format.
Both of the situations can be proposed separately or in a whole format, including DJ Set + Live Performance. This “package” may vary depending on the needs of the venue.

G&R Music Production is a bespoke music company which provides original tailor- made soundtracks for lms, documentaries, short lms and commercial spots. The accurate compositions are specially designed for the client. Experience and pro ciency make their works a unique piece of music. During the last few years, they have been collaborating with lm companies like Agherose and GSPictures (FVG), Paolo Parisotto (RAI, MEDIASET, SKY) and Lupetta5 (Milan).

“Born even before any thought, MUSIC has lled our atmosphere.” G&R

She comes from the southern half of the world and he comes from the northern half instead… two hemispheres, two points, two souls making a unique World. GUSHI & RAFFUNK have got together to bring this project into life. Destiny does the rest…

GUSHI (lead voice, voice design, acoustic guitar, percussions) Writer and composer. Born and musically raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During her early days, she was initially in uenced by traditional Argentine folk music. She has performed on several theatres and clubs as a soloist or as part of a whole, sharing the stage with talented co- national artists like María Ofelia Cemborain, Vox Dei, Gustavo “Tucho” Santucho, César Banana Pueryrredón, Andrés Dulcet.

In 2004 she meets the Argentinian producer Daniel Di Napoli (DB Sonar Producciones) with whom she begins collaborating on the composition and realisation of the soundtrack for the TV series called “Los Machos” at America TV.

At the same time, she establishes a collaboration relationship with the Italian musician Raffaele Scognamiglio in the writing, production and recording of original tracks for PMB Music (Argentina) and DJ Center Records (France). She is also the voice of several dance and deep house productions, such as “To Be Or Not To Be” (Single Vinyl), “Be Mine” (Single Vinyl), “Stay”, “Living It All”, “To Be Free”, “Star” (Fashion TV).

From 2006 until present she has settled in Italy where she works as a session vocalist at live performances and professional recording studios. Her voice has been included in libraries for RAI and other projects such as the Spanish versioned tales of Trudi for Creativa Produzioni (Udine). Her voice is the main feature on “Dancing Spirits” CD compilation, in which she sings traditional North American Native songs. In 2012 she has been called to sing at the project “Di Jerbas e Di Suns – Musiche e parole per una Spoon River Carnica”, still in activity.

RAFFUNK (programming, loops, guitars, background voices) Writer and composer. Born and raised in Italy. He moved to Buenos Aires in 1995 where he worked as a producer and DJ. Sur ng from blues to soul for various projects of his own, in 2002 he decides to switch to electronic, dance and downtempo grooves.

Between 2004 and 2005 he produces in collaboration with Dj Elio Riso:

“To Be Or Not To Be” (DJ Center Records) Included in several compilations

such as “Pure Pacha” mixed by Pete Tong, ”Fashion TV”, Groove Armada’s dj sets @Space Ibiza residence and DJ Tiesto’s classic sets.

“Ego vs. Ego” (Fusion Records) Included in several compilations such as “Mix Mag UK” mixed by Carl Cox.

“Be Mine” (Stealth Records) Included in several compilations such as

“Release Yourself” by Roger Sanchez, “Fashion TV”.
Afterwards, he produces tracks like “Living It All”, “Until the End”, “Star”, “Little Secret”, which have been included in several compilations such as “Fashion TV”, “Night Grooves”. Simultaneously, he collaborates with other musicians and immerges himself in continuous musical research.


  • Soundtracks (Zack’s Talent 2016)
  • Deep House Flavours (Dy Mo Music 2013)
  • Reflection (White Island Recordings 2012)
  • Sound of You – The Remixes EP (LGM 2012)
  • Travel EP (LGM 2011)
  • Eyes (LGM 2011)

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